As a sacrament of initiation, Confirmation strengthens Baptism.  This liturgical act of the Church takes place annually and is conferred by the Bishop. Each year the Bishop visits the parish during the Easter season to confer the sacrament of Confirmation on high school teens and adults desiring the sacrament.  The parish supports the candidates in preparation of the sacrament.

For high school teens, preparation for the Rite of Confirmation is a two-year journey, which candidates begin in the 9th grade. Click here for more information regarding schedules and requirements is provided at the annual parent orientation meetings. 
For adults, preparation for the Rite of Confirmation is a 6-month journey beginning annually in January. 
If you desire the sacrament of Confirmation, please click here to register for Adult Confirmation Register now, or you may contact Father Gabriel Kang at 661-296-3180 x7914.